Absorn Capsule

The Goddess Upsorn Capsule

Upsorn Medicine

There is legendary beauty regimen of Thai women in the grand palace.  It has been passed down from generation to generation.  Because they all have to compete to be the most beautiful, they pamper themselves so that they are beautiful both inside and out.  It is said that any ladies that take this Upsorn remedy will have beautiful, glowing skin and look young beyond their years.

Main ingredients

Phlai, Boesenbergia rotunda, curcumin, turmeric, Curcuma comosa ginger, Andrographis Paniculata, black pepper, Morinda elliptica, and other herbs

Directions of usage
            Less than 20 years of age, take 1-2 capsules/time
            More than 20 years of age, 2 capsules/time

            Any signs of fever or inflammation, discontinue usage
                                                                                                  Not allowed for women who may be pregnant or people with high fever


Mechanism of herbal treatment

            1. Balances hormone levels, especially sexual hormones involved in aging, sexual drive, skin health and bone strength

            2. Balances blood chemistry, enhances erythropoiesis.  For example, female ginseng is rich in Iron and effective ingredients that enhance erythropoeisis as well as the maintenance of bone marrow,helps the liver eliminate toxins, helps splenic and kidney function in cleansing the blood leading to beautiful skin, induces that pretty rosy cheek look.

            3. Upsorn is an anti-oxidant remedy because it is composed of various effective anti-oxidants including curcumin, cumin and phlai.  It prevents damage from the and environmental toxins, as well as free radicals produced in the body during food metabolism. Therefore it can prevent cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, reduce aging, promote long lasting beauty, reduce freckles and discoloration of the skin. 

            4. Helps improve the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation.  The herbs, such as curcumin and phlai andAndrographis Paniculata help to clean the lymphatic system, improve the immune system.

            5. To tighten the muscles, especially facial, upper arm, breast, uterine, vaginal and abdominal muscles.  This is the origin of the phrase “Even if she had 3 or 4 kids, she will look better than a virgin”.

            6.  Increase skin collagen synthesis, helps tighten the skin, no wrinkles from aging.  Also increases collagen synthesis in other organs such as the heart, knee joint and the lungs and spinal cord

            7. Reduces cramping. Female ginseng helps relax the smooth muscle, especially the muscles in the uterine wall.  During the monthly period, these muscles are constricted. This herbal remedy reduces that constriction and resultant cramping

            8. Increases the metabolism, decrease cellulite formation.

            9. Improves balance of probiotics in the colon and vagina, therefore it helps the excretion of solid waste and reduces chances of vaginal infection,such as fungal infection that causes leucorrhea and the viral infection that causes herpes and also other bacteria that causes vaginal odor.

           10. Keeps the vagina acid so that the mucual lining is healthy and properly lubricated

           11. Reduces the odor from the vagina and arm pits.  It causes the body to smell like a healthy beautiful girl because the body is in balance and the hormones are at peak levels.

           12. Increases sexual desire, increases sexual response, therefore it is also called “enchantment remedy for the husband (aphrodisiac)”.  This is because all processes in the body are aligned and acting better.


Other common women’s issues

           - Cramping                                                                               - Abdominal swelling not related to pregnancy

           - Vagina problems: Bad smell, easily infected, itchy                   - Leucorrhea

           - Painful sex caused by a low cervix                                          - High risk of polyps and cervical cancer

           - Vaginal whistling                                                                    - Muscle atrophy, breast sagginess 

           - Incontinence                                                                          - Inability to urinate due to uterine blockage

           - Difficulty in getting pregnant and high risk of miscarriage       - Irregular menstruation, cysts, fibroids, tumor

           - Lumpy skin, blemishes, looked older than your age                - body odor, vaginal odor

           - skin looks old and tired                                                          - Hematoma, freckles and blemish

           - Wrinkles and smile lines

Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.

- Reduces uterine size

- Tightens the vagina reduces sagging of the abdominal wall, restoring tightness like a teenager.

- Restores sexual drive

- Prevents cervical and uterine cancer

- Reduces uterine cyst and uterine mass size

- Reduce cramps brought on by monthly menstruation

Zingiber cassumunar Rox.(Phlai)

- The rhizome can enhance complete secretion of blood and other tissues following menstruation and child birth.

- Reduces leucorrhoea and improves frequency of monthly menstruation.


Piper nigrum Linn.

- Helps the period to become regular.

- Morinda ellipitica

- Enhances and enriches blood.  Enables complete secretion of amniotic fluid and menstrual blood.

Asparagus racemosus Willd.

- Reduces cramping, makes period regular, reduces leucorrhea, reduces vaginal inflammation, reduces vaginal odor.

- reduces vaginal irritation, tightens vaginal muscles, increases pregnancy chances, helps pregnancy, helps improve lactation

- helps return uterus to pre-pregnancy conditions, improves skin condition, reduces menopausal symptoms.

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