Herbal Complexs

Theraputic Massage Oil

Extracts of Oman Frankincense



Haxagonic Technology, Ultrasonication, FIR,



Frankincense, myrrh (Oman)

Extracts of Longan seeds, linchee seed, black pepper, pepper (or chili), curcurmin, Phlai, crinum asiaticum, Zedoary, Ginger, vitamin E, Nutgall, Broken bone, Pale Catechu,

Black Catechu, Iron Wood, Bitter bush, Wan Mahakan ,  Gotu kola, Aloe vera, Thian ban, Plu Kaow, Betel  Nuts, White crane flower, garlic, Beetle killer, Mangosteen Extract Powder, Szetchwan pepper,CUBEBA, Korean Gingseng , Nano tourmaline, Pure coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, rose hip oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, Wood oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, Spanish cherry oil, Hardy Cinnamon Herbal Oil, Eagle Wood oil , Geranium Bourbon oil, Clove oil, Herbal Essence Rub oil,borneol, camphor, cinnamon, menthol, proof spirits, Wintergreen oil and Vitamin E.


Haxagonic Technology

This technology helps to disperse the liquid and oil molecules to reduce the size to increase absorption into the skin



This technology is based on high energy sound waves which helps to produce the herbal extracts for preservation and increasing the effectiveness of the active ingredients without using heat 


-   100% natural oil that has been processed (Hexagonic Technology) to allow easy diffusion through the skin and without being sticky

-   Can be absorbed into the deep layers of the muscle and tendon and joints. Has direct effects on the intended organ or muscle

-   Can reduce inflammation, pain, swelling

-   Helps dilate blood vessels and reduces bruising

-   Helps the subcutaneous blood circulation

-   Helps release lactic acid from the muscles into the blood after strenuous exercise

-   When lactic acid builds up it causes inflammation, pain, tightness and the body will create membranes

-   To replace the damaged muscle

-   Anti-inflammation of the knee joints, finger joints and other joints

-   Relax tendon

-   Can be used for message, relaxation and to reduce stress

-   Can be used for message and be used as aromatherapy to promote restful sleeping

-   Because the released scents of the oil are soothing, it helps to balance the endocrine and nervous systems

-   Can help reduce inflammation associated with bugs and other poisonous insects like scorpions, bees, millipedes and hornets

-   Reduces dizziness and headaches

-   When added to warm water, can be consumed orally to reduce stomach pain, gas and indigestion

-   Reduce the swelling and inflammation of the joints, improve mobility

-   Reduce cellulite of the stomach, upper arms, upper thighs if applied daily

-   To prevent injury from exercise if applied before exercise (during the warm up)


-   Massage lightly into skin at the point of swelling or inflammation or bruises or at bug bites

-   Massage daily where you want cellulite reduction

-   Smell the oil to reduce dizziness, nasal congestion, cold symptoms, headaches, and to aid in sleeping

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