Siladent Toothpaste

herbal toothpaste

  • Nano-calcium carbonate
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Xylitol
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cuttlefish
  • Powdered alum
  • Sea salt



This toothpaste is composed more than 10 different types of natural herbs and scented oils.  These ingredients will help prevent tooth decay due to their anti-bacterial properties.  Enhanced mouth health is achieved by healing gum wounds, reducing inflammation helps gums and it also has anti-oxidant properties which prevent receding gum line.  Finally it reduces tooth staining from coffee, tea and smoking while also reducing plaques which causes halitosis.  Tooth sensitivity is reduced. The overall effect is for the mouth to feel clean and fresh for 24 hours.


Nano-calcium carbonate, ranging in size from 40-70nm, is a mild base.  Nano-calcium carbonate will reduce the bio-film tartar and plaque.  It improves tooth enamel strength and helps to whiten teeth efficiently.  Sodium bicarbonate is also a mild base which can help reduce salivary acid which is a cause of tooth decay.  It can also help to whiten teeth and reduce bad breath.

L-arginine helps to improve gum health by inducing vaso-dilation. The improved circulation allows more blood to enter the gum line. Finally, it helps to reduce the gingivitis or gum damage from aging or improper brushing techniques.


Side effects of anti-bacterial mouthwash

Anti-bacterial mouthwash is widely used in combination with toothpaste and brushing which provides a broad scale elimination of bacteria, including helpful bacteria.  The herbal toothpaste will specifically kill harmful bacteria responsible for various pathologies, while not harming the helpful bacteria on the tongue.

Salivary bacteria are able to convert nitrates from leafy green vegetables to nitrate.  When the nitrite reaches the stomach, it is converted to nitric oxide.  There are many benefits to having nitric oxide.  It causes vasodilation, helps digestion, helps to control weight, helps improve erectile dysfunction, kills cancer cells, balances various metabolic processes and improvers overall health.

Therefore the anti-bacterial mouthwash and toothpaste kill the helpful bacteria indiscriminately and block the cascade of all of these helpful benefits of Nitric oxide.


Fluoride is a popular poison

While popular in toothpaste, fluoride has many deleterious effects including the following; bone destruction, causes cancer, kills brain cells.  Actually, the first industrial usage of fluoride was as a component of rat poison.

Natural calcium fluoride is helpful, while sodium fluoride is harmful but is the main component in toothpaste.  Sodium fluoride is used because it is inexpensive to produce.  Instead of improving tooth health, it causes dental fluorosis, which is the stain on the enamel caused from the long term accumulation of fluoride.  It is also reduces bone density.

NEJM reports that the fluoride treatment for people with osteoporosis can increase the chance of fractures in the hip plate.

In 1993, the EPA initiated a campaign to eliminate the usage of fluoride in drinking water and food because they think that fluoride actually does not prevent tooth decay.  In reality, they believe it causes cancer.

What is xylitol?

- Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetabls

- How xylitol reduces tooth decay

- It kills plaques caused by bacteria (Sterptococcus mutans)


Calcium Bicarbonate

It is a mild base, that reduces salivary acid which is the main cause of tooth decay and bad breath and also whitens the teeth


Calcium alum

- Calcium alum has a mild bitter taste.  Prevents tooth decay while improving breath smell.

- It can be used with sea salt to brush teeth and gargle to remove poisons found in the mouth specifically

- but the body in general  and act to improve overall health.


Sea Salt

- Inhibits the growth of bacteria, pus, inflammation, promotes wound healing, and reduces mouth odor.

- Toxins from the mouth are eliminated which reduce toothache, boils and finally  prevents inflammation of the gums.


Gymnocalycium mihanovichii  cristata

Kills harmful bacterial responsible for bad breath and tooth decay.  Improves gum health. Reduces inflammation in the mouth


Oil of clove

Kills fungi, virus and bacteria in the mouth.  Reduces inflammation, tooth ache and is a local anesthetic.


- Comes from the shell of the cuttlefish.  Has a mild bitter taste and can kill bacteria. 

- Helps prevent cavities, whitens teeth, reduces plaque and tartar. 

- Reduces acidic saliva which will can destroy the tooth enamel. Reduces tooth sensitivity


Hiang rubber shell

- Slight bitter taste. Helps strengthen the gum and prevents receding. 

- It is an anti-oxidant and prevents free radical destruction which causes the long tooth appearance caused by gum line receding.

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